School Bus Mirrors and School Bus Parts


Why School Bus Mirrors Are Important

School bus mirrors are a critical aspect of school bus safety. Proper use of school bus mirrors allows for safer operation of school buses: A good quality school bus mirror eliminates driver blind spots, thus reducing the chance of accidents. (For replacement school bus parts for accident damage, visit our school bus parts page.) In the United States, approximately 2/3 of students killed outside a school bus are not struck by other vehicles, but by their own bus ("Protecting Children from Their Own Buses," Mark D. Fisher,, retrieved January 29, 2006).

School bus mirrors and other school bus parts play a vital role in eliminating the safety risks associated with school buses. RMK is the Northeast's leading distributor of school bus parts and mechanic supplies for school bus maintenance. Our school bus mirrors and school bus parts are from top-of-the-line manufacturers and represent the highest quality available.


RMK sells:

Eurostyle 8 x 15 Dual Mirrors
West Coast Mirrors
Hawk-Eye Mirrors
Standard School Bus Mirrors
Interior Mirrors
Other Exterior Mirrors
Bus Boy Mirrors

Call RMK at 718-256-7671 to learn more about our school bus mirrors as well as truck mirrors and other school bus parts and truck parts. We are a Rosco parts distributor and Mirror Lite parts distributor for school bus mirrors. At RMK, we care about safety.